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      UNDP China Intern (Monitoring & Evaluation)



      Beijing, CHINA

      Application Deadline:

      (Midnight New York, USA)

      Type of Contract:


      Post Level:


      Languages Required:

      English Chinese  

      Starting Date:
      (date when the selected candidate is expected to start)


      Expected Duration of Assignment:

      6 months




      UNDP China is programming in line with the UNDP Strategic Plan (SP), under which the work domains/portfolios include Poverty, Equity and Governance, Energy and Environment, Disaster Management, and South-South Cooperation & Global Partnership. The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) team is directly guided by the senior management of UNDP China, and serves as an overarching coordinating hub, closely cooperating with each team throughout the office. The M&E team contributes to UNDP’s commitment to deliver high quality projects in a timely, efficient, and transparent manner.


      Under the overall guidance of the Deputy Resident Representative (DRR) and the supervision of the M&E Officer of UNDP China, the M&E intern will be dedicated to office-wide M&E functions: monitoring and evaluating UNDP projects in China to ensure continuous progress and complete compliance in each phase; collaborating with different teams to comply with UNDP headquarter/regional office in requested tasks; providing support and troubleshooting for project units to strengthen the delivery of portfolios and to mitigate potential risks. Moreover, the M&E intern will be undertaking office-wide coordination and management functions, as requested by senior manager or supervisor.


      Duties and Responsibilities


      The M&E intern is expected to assist the DRR and the M&E Officer in the following key fields:


      Monitoring and Evaluation

      • Monitoring overall project implementation with respect to progress and updates, delivery, project outcomes, outputs and indicators.

      • Analyzing quantitative and qualitative information to evaluate the performance of each portfolio. Preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on the project progress of UNDP China.

      • In close consultation with UNDP headquarter/regional office, collaborating with teams/portfolios to ensure all periodic review and result-based management (RBM) tasks are well accomplished.


      Strategic Planning and Coordinating

      • Reviewing and providing quality assurance of project documents, work plans, MOUs, financing agreements, and ensuring the compliance with the Strategic Plan and UNDP pertinent policies.

      • Coordinating and compiling office-wide annual target, annual work plan, annual report, etc. in extensive consultation with management team and multiple thematic teams.

      • Working closely with external implementing partners and project management offices (PMO) to ensure the outputs are delivered timely and transparently.


      Knowledge Sharing and Supporting

      • Managing all documentations along the project implementation process of UNDP China. Organizing UNDP in-office knowledge sharing activities and external trainings for partners, PMOs, etc.

      • Providing secretarial and coordination support of internal meetings, external meetings with governmental counterparts, and other M&E-related activities.

      • Performing other ad-hoc duties.




      • Strong team player with competent inter-personal, negotiation and liaison skills. Ability to share information and coordinate efforts within the team.

      • Detail-oriented person with strong ability to multitask and manage competing deadlines. Capable of coordinating different workflows and ensuring work is timely and error-freely delivered.

      • Self-starter with strong commitment and accountability in work.


      Required Skills and Experience


      Education and Experience

      • Enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program, preferably with major in Social Sciences, Economics, Statistics, Management or other related fields. Advanced university degree is an asset.

      • Experience in programme/project monitoring and evaluation would be an advantage.


      Language and Skills

      • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Mandarin.

      • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office software package (MS Excel, Word, etc.) and web management system.

      • Proficient in data maintenance and report analysis.


      Please start your application through: