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      Reviser-Interpreter, Chinese, P4
      發布時間: 2019-06-11 14:39:19   作者:本站編輯   來源: 本站原創   瀏覽次數:

      Reviser-Interpreter, Chinese, P4  

      U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific  

      崗位領域:語言文職  工作性質:長期工作  

      學歷要求:本科及以上  崗位職級:P4  

      工作地點:Bangkok  截止日期:13 July , 2019  



      Org. Setting and Reporting       

      The mandate of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for  Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) is to promote sustainable and inclusive  development and regional connectivity in the Asian and Pacific region.  ESCAP’s role as a regional development arm of the United Nations  Secretariat is to support its membership with policy oriented research  and analysis, normative support and technical assistance and capacity  building, to respond to the development priorities and changing needs  of the Asian and Pacific region.

      This position is located in the Chinese Language Unit of the  Conference and Documentation Services Section (CDSS), Office of the  Executive Secretary.


      Within delegated authority, the Reviser-Interpreter will be  responsible for the following duties:

      -Revises translations dealing with a broad range  of subjects dealt with by the United Nations.

      -Translates, mostly without revision, texts  covering a broad range of subjects dealt with by the United Nations,  particularly those subjects requiring experience and recognized proficiency.

      -Provides the Chief of the Unit with necessary  programmatic and linguistic support.

      -Develops new terminology for use where none  exists in the target language.

      -Carries out linguistic research and prepares  terminological bulletins and glossaries, technical vocabularies and  related reference tools.

      -Counsels and assists translators or  interpreters and briefs them on the procedures and practices of the  Unit, terminology and a broad range of subjects, as required.

      -Participates in the setting of terminology standards.

      -Supervises the work of small groups of  translators or interpreters.

      -Provides interpretation services up to seven  meetings per week (exceptionally eight), usually of no more than three  hours duration, of ESCAP and other United Nations entities as required.

      -Provides interpretation into Chinese of  speeches given in English or French and interpretation into English or  French – as appropriate – of speeches given in Chinese.

      -May function as programming officer.

      -Acts as Officer-in-Charge of the Unit, as required.

      -Performs other related duties as required.


      Core Competencies


      Ability to demonstrate good writing skills; high standard of  accuracy, consistency and faithfulness to the spirit, style and  nuances of the original text with a good grasp of the subject matter.  Knowledge of a broad range of subjects dealt with by the United  Nations, i.e., political, social, legal, economic, financial,  administrative, scientific and technical. Ability to use all sources  of references, consultation and information relevant to text at hand.  Ability to work under pressure and maintain adequate speed and volume  of output and deliver clear interpretation on a broad range of  subjects. Ability to show a high level of versatility, judgement and  discretion. Shows pride in work and in achievements; demonstrates  professional competence and mastery of subject matter; is  conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing  deadlines and achieving results; is motivated by professional rather  than personal concerns; shows persistence when faced with difficult  problems or challenges; remains calm in stressful situations. Takes  responsibility for incorporating gender perspectives and ensuring the  equal participation of women and men in all areas of work.


      Speaks and writes clearly and effectively; listens to others,  correctly interprets messages from others and responds appropriately;  asks questions to clarify, and exhibits interest in having two-way  communication; tailors language, tone, style and format to match  audience; demonstrates openness in sharing information and keeping  people informed.


      Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational  goals; solicits input by genuinely valuing others’ ideas and  expertise; is willing to learn from others; places team agenda before  personal agenda; supports and acts in accordance with final group  decision, even when such decisions may not entirely reflect own  position; shares credit for team accomplishments and accepts joint  responsibility for team shortcomings.

      Managerial Competencies


      Identifies the key issues in a complex situation, and comes to the  heart of the problem quickly; gathers relevant information before  making a decision; considers positive and negative impacts of  decisions prior to making them; takes decisions with an eye to the  impact on others and on the Organization; proposes a course of action  or makes a recommendation based on all available information; checks  assumptions against facts; determines the actions proposed will  satisfy the expressed and underlying needs for the decision; makes  tough decisions when necessary.


      A first-level degree from a university or institution of equivalent  status. Candidates for this position must have passed the relevant  United Nations Competitive Examination for Translators or the United  Nations Competitive Examination for Interpreters in the relevant language

      Work Experience       

      A minimum of five years of experience in translation and/or  interpretation, self-revision and use of relevant computer software,  electronic tools and databases, of which three should have been in the  United Nations or similar organizations, is required.


      A perfect command of Chinese , which must be the candidate’s main  language. The candidate must have an excellent knowledge of English;  knowledge of an additional official language is desirable.


      Qualified applicants may be evaluated through a competency-based  interview and/or other assessment methods.

      Special Notice       

      Staff members are subject to the authority of the Secretary-General  and to assignment by him or her. In this context, all staff are  expected to move periodically to new functions in their careers in  accordance with established rules and procedures. ESCAP is committed  to promoting diversity and gender equality within the Secretariat.  Women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.